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Working in professional sales has never been for the faint of heart. It’s a big-dog-world where pups are better off watching from the porch. Big dogs aren’t slowed by economic downturns; in fact, they just run faster. Succeeding. Prospering. Grabbing their big-dog-bones, no matter the economic climate. What’s their secret? How do they keep going? How can you get off the porch?

“Go Out and Sell Something!” according to one reader, “offers the spark needed to get moving again.” Sales technique, strategies, and motivational books abound. What you need is a clear-cut guide to navigate through a tight economic period. That’s what you find in “Go Out and Sell Something!”

Tracy Keck, who writes for her own blog as well as TheCypressTimes comments, “I’ve read other sales books and was hoping this wasn’t just more of the same – IT WASN’T. I was pleased with the content of this book. Yes, Fontenot covered sales strategy, but that was only a small part of the book.” “Go Out and Sell Something!” is a guide created for business professionals in need of no-nonsense solutions to increase sales, rejuvenate careers, and get back in front of the pack. Leonard Schneider notes, “This book is quick, simple to understand, and easy to implement. Rollis guides you thru the slippery slopes of non-production in a recession.” Another reader agrees, “This book is straightforward and doesn’t add a lot of unnecessary fluff. It’s a great tool for new salespeople and a good review for seasoned pros. The steps are all here, in a very organized format. All that is left is to go out and sell!”

“Managing for Sales Results” author, Ron Marks observes, “Go Out and Sell Something!” is an extremely useful book for the salesperson looking to not only survive, but thrive in the current economy. Rollis’ book not only takes proven sales strategies and puts them in an easy-to-read format; he provides action plans at the end of each topic to help implement the concepts presented. Don’t miss this book if you want to turn professional in sales.”

Weaving together threads of wisdom and skill from Robert Kiyosaki, Dr. Stephen Covey, and Brian Tracy, with his own experience, Fontenot has crafted a cohesive, get-to-the-point guide to successful selling with recession-proof action plans designed to deliver immediate results.

T. Brensel notes, “The author delivers not by reinventing the wheel, but on distilling his positive experiences and insights into this 150 page guide. As a bonus, the author includes references to some of the best sources in the world of business.” And another reader notes, “The author is genuinely appreciative of all he has learned from authors past and present. Consequently, he doesn’t try to pass these lessons off as “new and improved” but directs you to the writings and sources he’s found beneficial.”

Rollis Fontenot III has thrived in sales since 1988. Through learning and implementing principles of the industry’s “big dogs”, he became one, in his own right. His expertise has lead to consulting, recruitment, management, and sales coaching. Fontenot is president of As producer and host of Houston TV’s “Max Your Business”, Fontenot interviews successful business leaders, shares tips, and business building strategies with viewers. His lifetime passion for sales has matured into the development of unique and success-driven strategies, concisely written for sales professionals, by a sales professional. “Being in sales can be very rewarding,” says Fontenot.

Yes, it can!

It’s time to get off the porch; it’s time to “Go Out and Sell Something!”

To read all the reviews about the book, visit The book is available in both the print and Kindle version on (The book link is also on the column to the right). To purchase the book at a special price, click here and enter the promotional code 2YDUWYMS for an additional when purchasing on this site.

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